WARNING: Storm Train As Powerful As January’s Storms To Impact After February 16th


As stated before the storms of January 2017 hit, February 2017 would have the same thing coming through … a double month whammy.  Forecast for the long range still remains the same with a storm track aiming Southern California after February 16th.  Read on for details …

On February 6th, an article was released (click here) talking about ‘The Next Two Week’.  It predicted a Santa Ana Wind event for the 12th, which is today.  That event is happening now as the storm system from yesterday (Kahlua) ejected into Mexico and is bringing in a strong northeast wind behind it.

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After February 18th we will begin the powerful storm systems and the next in line would be Lucifer and Maleficent.  Those storm names sound powerful and dangerous.  As they should, because this is yet again another damaging storm pattern like January 2017 had.  Good news is … I’ll be here with you the entire time with no business trips scheduled like before.

These systems have the power to product severe weather, such as damaging winds, tornado risks, hail, heavy mountain snow, flooding, and damaging waves along the coast, where we likely will lose more property and weaken piers.

This is your warning to listen to this article.  Prepare your house if you got hit hard with the storms of January 2017.  This will be the same, if not worse.   Now, because of the increasing sun angle from January into February, thunderstorms will be more prominent with this one and the storms that do form will be severe.

SCWF Model 1E Projection showing rainfall predictions

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