Long Range Weather Forecast: March 2017


All the previous long range, and super long range forecasts went well so far.  So what does March 2017 hold?  Read on for details.

They say March comes in like a lion right?  Well not this time.  As I stated after Major Pacific Storm Lucifer… we would have a dry period come the beginning part of this month, with much less in anything we saw in previous months.

Before I begin I’m getting ahead of myself.  areas south and east of Corona from Hemet, Temecula, San Diego County were drenched this last weekend.  Getting many asking if that was a named storm.  The answer is no … the system was targeting too small of an area of the forecast area to have a name.  Also,  you should be on your Facebook Groups for your micro-climate that I have.  Those in San Diego knew I forecasted the area would have a ton more rain than Los Angeles, a first this season are the ones that got notified.  I don’t put much on the main page unless it affects everyone.  So click here and select your group to join it so you never miss out.

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Now where was I?  Oh yes… March 2017 so far will feel like our dry weather of the previous years.  I’m not seeing any concrete evidence that large troughs will affect us during the first half of the month.

However, as with the previous months this entire season we seem to be stuck in a pattern where between the 17th and 23rd of each month we get a blocking pattern that allows for troughs to line up storms into the area.  Given this … I’ll go ahead with it and maintain the current seasonal pattern and monitor the conditions after March 17th.

Temperatures for the month on average will remain above average, especially due to the warmer temperatures we’ll have during the first week.

So the page and site will remain pretty quiet until the last half of the month … like with most of the events this season thus far …

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