June 10, 2017 at 6:50 pm

Heatwave To Strike Southern California by Mid-Month as Summer Approaches


Grab your summer gear, a heatwave is set to impact the Southland by the end of this week into Father’s Day Weekend.  Read on for details.

A ridge of high pressure will develop across the Desert Southwest this week, maximizing toward Friday and into the weekend.  The ridge will be opposite of what is currently in the area right now … a colder onshore flow with that marine layer and drizzle at times.

Given the magnitude of the ridge numbers, am expecting triple digits in the valleys by the end of the week … and 100s across the board for all desert areas.. some areas seeing 110F+ or higher through this next weekend and into early week thereafter (21st).

Bakersfield will be within the lack of onshore flow and it is quite possible that with this event you’ll be over the 115F mark at one point.  This is very dangerous heat… high heat warnings would be appropriate about now but you have your warning within this article.

Coasts should remain in the upper 70s to 80F during the duration of the event. .. so the relief lies there.

Everything breaks down after the 22nd-23rd for a return of the onshore flow and slightly cooler temperatures.

The monsoon season starts on June 15th … and at this time I do not see it in the longer range … It’ll probably be a late start.



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