Major Inland Heatwave Ends After Thursday; Another Sunday into Monday; Then Relief

Heatwave Continues

Well I know some of you by now in the Inland areas are suffering from the heatwave, much like me.  However, a ‘brief’ relief will come by the end of this week before another one comes back after the weekend.  However there is relief coming after all of this so read on for those details.

Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport (KPHX) has seen closures and cancellations of many flights as the airport area surged to 120F for the second time in a row this week and will run for it again on Wednesday.  The runways are just too soft due to the heat and many fueling procedures cause vapor in the tanks, which can lead to explosions with a faulty wiring system.   But what about us in Southern California?

The highest official temperature today was in Needles, California at 124F.  Death Valley was no doubt in the 128-130F mark given the surrounding temperatures, but it did not, nor will break the July 1913 world record temperature of 134F.  We will see the peak of the heatwave continuing into your Wednesday with a slight ‘cooling’ on Thursday. .. and I do mean slight and do not emphasize cooling as cold weather.  Meaning a cooooooool 95 degrees by Friday in the Inland Empire as an example.

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The weekend looks to have ranges of 90s for the valleys on your Saturday and nominal 100+ degree marks in the deserts.  Sunday will start the heatwave again with 100s returning to those valley areas and ‘cooling’ by mid-week with the hottest days being Sunday and Monday.  We cool-down below normal in most areas by the end of the month for much more comfortable weather.  Bakersfield I’m sorry but you’re going to continue to fry until later next week.

All beaches will remain in comfortable temperatures as this is an Inland Heatwave …

The 4th Of July preliminary long range forecast will be out for premium members very soon and released publicly toward the end of the month.

I am not seeing any strong monsoonal moisture surges into our region in the medium or long range so we remain dry.

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June 29, 2017 Temperature Projections

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