July 2017 Long Range Weather Forecast For Southern California

Below Normal Precipitation Month

July 2017 is approaching and if you want to make plans on which days will be the hottest, coldest, or even if monsoonal moisture will be around … read on for details.

As we are on the last days of June, after one of the major heatwave that gripped the Southern California area we have cooled down to below normal temperatures in all sectors of the forecast area right on through Independence Day.  The ridge that plagued the area has weakened, allowing for a trough to set up along the West Coast.  This promotes drier and cooler conditions.

Independence Day Forecast

Below normal temperatures will make it so that activities during the peak of the day will be comfortable.  This however will not be ideal for people who want to enjoy a hot day near the BBQ and pool.  This really isn’t the day to do it unless you’re inland.  Some tropical moisture may move over the area and it is being monitored …

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After July 6th we start to see that four corners ridge build in.  This is around the time it usually does during the Summer so we seem to be right on time.  The temperatures will also start to respond as we move through the 8th and 10th with higher than normal temperatures … along with the monsoonal flow opening up, so humid conditions at times as well.

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Now this is a pretty weak monsoonal flow.  Based off the position of the four corners ridge, mainly weak/moderate amounts will enter the region, affecting the San Bernardino, Riverside, and San Diego Mountain and Desert areas more than the Los Angeles, Ventura, and Kern county zones.   The flow isn’t too impressive for this period and thus I’ll keep a risk of thunderstorms in the forecast for those normal monsoonal inflicted areas in our forecast area, but keep it below the normal for this time of year.

There will be shots of monsoonal moisture throughout the month of July, around 2-3 separate events I’m thinking… which again is still below the average.

The hottest period for the metro inland valley zones will be between July 7th and July 14th, then again on July 24th through July 31st

The hottest period for the deserts will be between July 14th and 21st

The coolest period for all zones will be between July 1st and July 7th.

The wettest periods in this monsoon flow would start between July 6th and July 12th, with a peak between July 20th and July 26th.

July 2017 Average Temperatures – Black= Average, Orange=Above

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