July 8, 2017 at 8:23 pm

Weather Focus Hotspots Overnight Through Sunday Morning; Monsoonal Moisture


Today went pretty much on forecast for some of you, but some of you will see an upswing in activity tonight through sunrise Sunday morning.  Read on for details as you pay attention to what number on the map is what.

Number One – Perhaps the easiest thing seen is the severe storm activity coming across Havasu this evening.  This is shoving an outflow boundary westward through the Morongo Basin and Coachella Valley overnight tonight. The associated outflow boundary will likely affect the Morongo Basin more than the Coachela Valley in terms of coverage and intensity… but the Coachella Valley will have pop-up activity as well.  Areas within this will be the outflow surge west into the Banning Pass to the North and Eastern Inland Empire Zones as well as the Riverside County Mountains surrounding Mt. San Jacinto … and north to Big Bear Lake … with outflow continuing into the metro High Desert zones of Apple Valley through the morning.

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Number Two – Another easy one to follow is the main easterly wave component along the Mexico and USA Border wall (?).  This will move west-northwest along there and through the Imperial County Desert zones Sunday morning, before coming into San Diego County and proper later on and then exiting off the San Diego County Coast.

Number Three – Affecting the Santa Barbara County areas, perhaps even Ventura County (watching that area) would be the dryline at the mid-levels.  As you can see dry and moist air in the water vapor satellite image is located right over that area, including the fire zones.  Enough upper divergence would make it possible for pop-up activity out of there through Sunday morning.

Depending on debris cloud depth on your Sunday afternoon will determine if the mountains re-fire thunderstorms like they did today.  Flow will be east to west again so the Inland Empire to San Diego Valley areas, San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino Mountain zones, and the metro High Desert in Lucerne to Apple Valley would be at the greatest risk should this happen …

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Temperatures will be over 110F for Bakersfield once again .. .with 100F in the metro valley areas of Los Angeles and the Inland Empire.  Overall a ‘cooler’ day expected than what it has been … with slightly less humidity … but won’t feel much different to some of you.

Cooling back to normal for this time of year through this next week for the most part … with returning heat and moisture by this next weekend expected in this see-saw pattern…

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