July 10, 2017 at 7:54 am

Monsoonal Storm Alerts 7-10-2017


The following product is a new alert add-on here at Southern California Weather Force that combines all alerts together into one page so that you do not get double alerts if near a zone … pay attention to the zones below on where you are and on the map … Read on for details …

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Issued Zones:  Eastern San Diego/Riverside/San Bernardino Mountains … San Diego Desert to Western Imperial County … Apple/Lucerne Valleys … excluding Hesperia … Barstow to Newberry Springs included …

Site:  Southern California Weather Force has issued a Severe Thunderstorm Watch effective today …

Date:  7/10/17 at 7:50am PT

Forecast: n easterly wave just southwest of the forecast area has changed the storm motion levels from east to west .. .to now south to north.  This opens the door for less debris clouds in the area, thus the instability across the watch area will exceed severe thunderstorm limits.  Storms will form over the Mountains and push off into the Deserts. 

Storms within this flow on the Baja, California spine have the tendency to push into the Ocotillo zones, west of Brawley.  Given this, dust storms are possible out in Imperial County today with those outflow boundaries.  

Further north and west of there, storms forming in the SD/RIV Mountains will mainly form east end of them … with some blow-off expected about 10 miles north into the Coachella Valley areas south of I-10. 

Storms forming over Big Bear will move northwest into Lucerne and Apple Valley, then Barstow, while igniting storms from Wrightwood northward through west of I-15.  Due to storm motion today, Hesperia will be spared and so will the top of the Cajon Pass. 

Storms today have the power for damaging winds, larger hail, and maybe an isolated landspout tornado …


Issued Zones:  Morongo Basin … CA/NV Border … Kern Deserts …

Site:  Southern California Weather Force has issued a Thunderstorm Watch effective today …

Date:  7/10/17 at 7:50am PT

Forecast: In areas not within the severe thunderstorm watch, instability will remain thunderstorm-able and some hail and gusty winds will be possible. 

Storm motion is generally to the north today so anything forming over the mountains south of 29 Palms will blow over Highway 62.  Severity isn’t too high, but storms are going to form through the watch areas today. 

Small-scale flooding is going to be possible at the CA/NV border over Mountain Pass today …

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