Preliminary 2017-2018 Storm Forecast For Southern California Shows Neutral ENSO


Preliminary data suggests we are in for an ENSO neutral year with neither La Nina or El Nino so read on for details on what this means.

The waters at the Equatorial Pacific are neither cooling nor warming … and this paints an interesting picture.  Just like last year, the lack of Atlantic Hurricanes and upswing in Pacific Hurricanes suggests that we are going to be seeing a similar rainy season if this keeps up.

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Monsoon season is still lacking in Southern California for the most part, but it has been exceedingly hot and humid.  This is telling me that while Arizona will finish the summer off with an above average rainfall season, the Western California areas will see an upswing in precipitation this season and we could be in for a double back to back above normal rainfall season here in Southern California.

NOTE:  If you’re new to this website service … I correctly predicted above normal rainfall last year… and below the year before that regardless of them going Super El Nino … So take what is read here with an open mind …

One other thing to note is the warm area south of Alaska has completely vanished and the Pacific is colder up there.  This limits the ridge of high pressure to form and block our storms to the region … and thus this will keep a healthy jet stream flowing in…

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So at the current time I am still expecting a good season coming up … and more information will be given as I crunch the data over the coming month.

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