September 10, 2017 at 10:11 pm

Intense Lightning Storms Offshore and across Santa Barbara; Who Is Next?


As predicted, a lightning show is on-going across the forecast area today and tonight.  But who is next?  Read on.. .pay attention to the fine details…

Fine details are coming as I’m seeing how the main upper level low is behaving.

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The upper level system moved into the far southwest storm diamond today and will last through at least 1-2am tonight. This means that the flow around the north side will continue to bring strong upper divergence to the entire county zone and thunderstorms will remain likely.

But what about after this? Storms will remain popping up offshore through sunrise … before fading. There are no indications of any more storms through Monday afternoon/evening like we saw today across the Santa Barbara Coastal zones because of the drier air moving in with southwest flow taking over, however the upper elevations of the county (mountains) will probably see storms redeveloping, moving north …

But what about elsewhere?  I’ve issued a WEATHER ADVISORY for areas east of Downtown Los Angeles, in the Inland Empire, High Deserts, and Kern regions starting Monday morning and going through the day.  Two areas of upper divergence will be available, label 1 on the image above in the pink-outline is the first area taking over the weather advisory.  Storms can pop anywhere within it.  I may have to extend the advisory to the San Fernando and Santa Clarita Valley/Gorman and even Pine Mountain Club forecast areas as I’m starting to see those zones become hot for activity.

Further east we have a secondary area of upper divergence and this would be for the low deserts, extending to the CA/NV border so travel on I-10 and I-40/15 will be met with the risk of storms for Monday.

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The shaft zones will no doubt be San Diego proper to Orange County… meaning you’ll be left out .. .as well as most of Imperial County… but you had your storms the previous days already …

Stay tuned …

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