Near Triple Digits To Return Briefly; Vandenberg AFB Launching Next Week


Near triple-digit temperatures will return to the metros and low deserts by the end of the week for a brief time, and Vandenberg Air Force Base is scheduled to launch another rocket next week … get the details by reading on …

As forecast, the Santa Ana Winds have returned, however on a mild scale.  The air is dry and the temperatures are up, but the deadly combination we usually see during this time of year has not arrived yet.  A fairly low risk fire spread is forecast this week on the Southern California Weather Force Fire Spread Risk Model.  The model predicts where the areas of highest risk fire spread are for the given day.  The “Canyon Fire’ should not spread too much, according to my model.

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The offshore winds will return again for Tuesday in the same spots and at the same speed.  Some of you in non-Santa Ana Wind prone zones will not see them, which is quite common for these winds.  You can literally be 3 miles to the east or west of the main wind tunnel and have calm conditions are your place while the next city over is gusting.

Temperatures will be on the increase with the lower humidity levels toward Thursday and Friday of this week.  Triple-digit marks could be reached by the end of the week, and most assuredly will be reached in the Brawley / El Centro forecast areas.  The high desert however will remain with comfortable temperatures compared to the metros and low desert regions.

Vandenberg Air Force Base is scheduled to launch a Falcon 9 Launch Vehicle from pad SLC-4E on Wednesday October 4, 2017.  The time will be 6:06am (morning) and this type of launch just before sunrise will make it possible to see what is called the twilight effect, in-which the rocket exhaust plume is illuminate by the rising Sun, creating a spectacle rarely seen in our area and worthy to see.  The vehicle will launch Iridium Next commercial communications satellites 21-30.

No storms are seen in the extended forecast but as soon as one shows up and confidence in the track goes up, you’ll be notified …

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