October 2017 Long Range Weather Forecast For Southern California


The September 2017 Forecast went as predicted and the October 2017 forecast is now ready for public viewing.  Read on for details on how this month will be rain and temp-wise.

The reason for the late release was taking care of my health and also that October is the swing month where the weather patterns start to react to the storm season jet stream and it is one of the hardest months to forecast a month out so here we go.

We are starting with below average temperatures but after the 5th we start to climb … with a mid-month slight cooling … and then a heatwave event sometime between October 18th and the 25th …We cool down near the end of the month with the trough finally reaching our latitude.

As for precipitation?  Well this month will remain very dry up until that cool-down near the end of the month.  This is where I am targeting the first Pacific Storm to show up.

Snowfall will show up with the end month event as well.  Our mountains will see their first snowfall then …

Hottest Period – 20th – 25th
Coldest Period –  27th – 31st
Wettest Period – 27th – 31st

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