October 13, 2017 at 4:29 pm

Offshore Flow To Bring High Fire Danger Through Weekend; Rain In The Medium Range?


High temperatures and low humidity along with areas of offshore Santa Ana Winds in the prone areas will hit this weekend.  And is there a chance of rain in the medium term?  Read on for details.

Southern California Weather Force Fire Weather Warnings were issued on Thursday, for the weekend event.

Weak offshore flow, temperatures in the 90s, and very dry conditions will bring a medium to high risk fire danger across the warning zones. Model project here at Southern California Weather Force paints a grim picture with 20+ mph winds in most areas with a peak this weekend.  If in a fire zone, it is urged you clear brush around your parameter today.

This will prevent anything from burning near your home or place of business. This will not be a strong Santa Ana Wind Event but the low end winds and high end temperatures are what is being looked at as a medium/high risk event.The onshore flow will keep the coast and basins of LA/OC with higher moisture levels so fire risks are not elevated there …

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The Santa Ana Winds may become stronger for a short period of time later on Saturday evening and night as offshore gradients maximize over the region.  Wind Forecast Model in the member section reflects that well with 30-45 mph winds in the prone zones.

The heat will be on this weekend with 95-98F likely in the metro basin zones and the Inland Empire with the offshore flow promoting sinking air.  The deserts will remain with cooler temperatures than in the metro areas.  Winds will also be 30-45 mph along the Colorado River Valley and Glamis.

A system moving across the Central Pacific may get close enough late next week for the chance of rain to elevate.  It will all depend on how the trough moving into the West Coast acts, but it could very well deliver a good dose of rainfall sometime Thursday or Friday, just under a week from now.  Since it is 6 days away a lot can change but it will be monitored so stay tuned.

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