Countdown: International Space Station Comes Out With Offshore Flow This Evening


Don’t worry, the International Space Station cannot feel the weather down here, but the skies will be very clear with incoming weak to moderate Santa Ana Winds coming through nominal prone areas so read on for details along with the countdown clock for space station arrival.

The Santa Ana Winds are coming back in today with an increase on my model showing up somewhat this evening, which is actually pretty rare.  Usually they surface around 10am and die by the evening in the prone zones, but this one is different.  A noticeable area of drier air will move over at around sunset and increase the winds to 30-40 mph in the nominal zones that get them.  Like always.  If you usually do not get these winds do not expect them.

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Southern California Weather Force Fire Weather Warnings have been in place for this event for awhile now and there are no plans to upgrade them in a large area to Santa Ana Wind alerts.  However, areas from Fontana, Norco, Mira Loma, Corona, and the Canyon Fire areas will be in the wind tunnel for those 30+ mph winds.  Another area will be across the Santa Clarita Valley to Moorpark and off through the 101 and Camarillo to offshore to the Channel Island areas.

Now, the International Space Station will fly across Southern California this evening, rising in the northwest skies (sunset zone) at 7:34pm and peaking over our area at exactly 7:38pm.  Something interesting about this pass is it’ll enter the Earth’s shadow and vanish completely from sight just after 7:39pm.  Before it does that, it’ll be bright and then fade into a reddish hue before completely becoming invisible as sunlight no longer hits it.

International Space Station Overhead Countdown Clock (Southern California)

-2471Days -10Hours -16Minutes -40Seconds

Oh … and these are calculated with knowing the Earth is a Sphere and NOT FLAT … for any Flat-Earthers out there …

Another pass will happen on Tuesday, October 17th, with a peak overhead at 6:38pm and for those of you surrounding Corona you’ll see  it 90 degrees straight up … directly overhead!

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