Major Heatwave Peaks; Introducing The Winds In Santa Ana Wind Zones


A major heatwave is peaking across the metros of Southern California today with the stronger Santa Ana Winds being introduced tonight into Tuesday.  Read on for details …

The predicted heatwave for the October 20-25 time-frame on my monthly forecast article released in the beginning of the month has arrived (click for article) and temperatures are well over 100F in the basins (Fullerton 107F), even a few miles from the coast in spots.  The winds have been weak, but humidity has dropped to dangerous fire conditions.

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Many people are seemingly not understanding that it does get this hot in October.  In fact, every October it generally will get up to 100F at times.  While the high desert is in the 80s, offshore flow patterns bring something called compressional warming to the basins and coastal areas.  Compressional warming is when the winds heat up as they come down the mountains and it produces these century mark temperatures in the metros while the mountain and desert areas remain much cooler.

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I’ve issued a Santa Ana Wind Warning starting tonight and into Tuesday (Click To Read Free Alert).  This is when the stronger wind gusts will arrive in the nominal Santa Ana Wind Prone zones.  Gusts from 35-60 mph will be likely with this event.   Temperatures will remain the same on Tuesday, even hotter though near the coast due to the offshore flow.

We remain warm even after Wednesday, but the 100s will be gone.  We look to drop to seasonal temperatures toward the end of the month under stronger onshore flow.

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