No A Large Earthquake Is Not Hitting Soon; However The Rain Pattern Is About To Begin


A known scammer in Earthquake Prediction states that a 6.7-magnitude quake is going to hit the West Coast within a week.  Granted we get 3s and 4s, there is no evidence we will get hit with the big one at the time.  The scammer’s name will be withheld because I’m not an advertising service for con-artists but if you see it on social media then ignore it.  Evidence is pointing to dwindling quake activity worldwide.  Cooler weather after this weekend but read on for all the details.

The geomagnetic field was hit pretty hard over the last few days which likely led to increased worldwide earthquake activity.  This has since weakened so over the next week we’ll see less earthquake activity, including our local regions.  Predicting quakes by location just isn’t possible at the moment due to the low information and knowledge we have about what is below the crust.  Even you can say right now that along the Ring of Fire a 5.0+ magnitude quake will hit within a week and be 100% correct.  It’s like saying 100F at one point of July in our deserts.

I simply don’t get why you guys don’t see the scam here!?! He is ‘guessing’ Ring of Fire Earthquakes that ALWAYS HAPPEN every 2 weeks in a region, especially Japan, Chile, and PNG … He then makes you believe he predicted it when he didn’t.. just guessed … and then asks for money for ‘research’ even you can guess.

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Now, onto what can be predicted … and that is the weather.  As stated, we failed to reach 100F today and temperatures will remain in the 90s for the next couple of days, before going into the 80s before Monday with the start of the week in the 70s in our metro zones.  A trough entering the west coast around Halloween will increase the low clouds south and west of the mountains enough for light rain and/or drizzle to be reported.

The Weather Event Agreement system, a new system I developed, is continuing to show precipitation between Halloween and November 6th so the confidence in this pattern is growing, with even 15% of my models showing 1″ or greater chance of rain in Los Angeles.  15% is a low value, but the overall chance of 90% is certainly high enough for confidence to grow.  As to how much … the members section rain models are split with 2C being weaker than 1E.  Given the 20 models showing 15% chance for LA to receive an inch of rain, I’m inclined at the moment to go with a blend of 1E and 2C, which was the case with last year’s longer range forecast hits.

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If this pattern hits good through the couple weeks in NOV we should be seeing a better chance at more rainfall this season than even the ‘pros’ think.  I may stick with cold and wet or cold and dry, but most certainly not a warm season.

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