Moving From Patreon Due To Loophole In Their System


I do apologize but I no longer will be accepting PRO memberships via Patreon.  Some were charged in October but I just found out that you can pledge with incorrect information and it does not charge right away.  It waits till the end of the month paid for to do anything.  Over 25% pledged but did not successfully charge for their PRO Accounts.  I have moved back to PAYPAL with the same $5/month membership price.

It’s a Starbucks coffee sacrifice to help the project out as I do not know how much longer I will be able to run a project that is seemingly going nowhere but straight nor getting much outside help.  Some of you are helping and I thank you for that but for me to continue after this season I will need much more help proving that this is worth more than a $5 Starbucks coffee.  It could very well be my last year pending how well the PRO stuff does.

If you are a Patreon, please RE-SIGN UP for the monthly deal again via Paypal to start NOVEMBER access as 75% already paid for October’s.

I will monitor sign-ups and move accounts from the Patreon membership to the Monthly Contributor section of this website.  Anyone left behind after November 15th will be removed from the website.  If you want to continue your membership, you must sign back up via the Paypal portal

Thanks again,
And let’s hope the support comes in better this season …

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