Another Tail-end Charlie System for Thursday, A look at The Rest Of the Month


Another tail-end charlie system is scheduled for Thursday, meaning more rain west of Ventura than south or east of there.  The system has been tail-end charlie for several days now.  Facebook Jail has prevented me from updating the main pages due to intolerant liberals with their whiner baby disease but I found a way to circle around it for the next day so read on for details on this forecast.

A tail-end charlie system is simply a system that misses to the north, hitting Central and Northern California and leaving most of Southern California drier than normal.  These are what we have seen this season thus far and if I had my way right now I’d go colder and drier than normal for the rest of the season.

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However, we still have NOT settled into a static pattern across the rest of the country, which means there is still time to get into a wetter pattern before December 1st, the deadline I will give to figure December, January, and February out … aka our main wet season months.

Should a stronger system hit around Thanksgiving, give or take a few days on each side … or by the very end of the month … we then will have an acceptable rainy season coming up this winter.  Dry fall does not always mean a dry winter, which again is December, January, and February.  I would tend to go with average rainfall to colder than average temperatures at the moment just based off the lost rainfall we had during this Fall.

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However, there were a few times in recorded history that a weak La Nina has produced record breaking rainfall in December and January so again don’t despair.. something could give.

So for now I’ll keep most of the rainfall on Thursday for SLO/KERN County with lighter amounts in Ventura and LA County and sprinkles to none in the Inland Empire, Orange, and San Diego County …

I’ll be out of liberal disease whiner baby contending Facebook Jail on Thursday 11-16-2017 and will post again on various groups.

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