Weather: Mother Nature Turns On Some Heat With Your Oven On Thanksgiving Day


While you are turning up your ovens on Thanksgiving Day, mother nature has some heat of her own.  While it won’t surpass Summer temperatures with this sun angle, metros will heat up into the 90s.  Read on more for details on how long it’ll last.

The heatwave will be due to a very abnormal ridge of high pressure over the Southwestern United States.  While offshore flow (Santa Ana Winds) look weak at the moment, the ridge will cause sinking air across the region and thus the temperatures in the metro areas will soar into the upper 80s to 90F mark by Tuesday, peaking to 95F on Thanksgiving Day.  These temperatures will not be felt in the high desert areas as you are generally cooler this time of year than the metros during any type of offshore flow pattern.  Temperatures across the Imperial Valley areas will be 90-92F but the hottest will remain in the Inland Metro zones, likely being Ontario and Riverside in the Inland Empire.

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While I cannot call it a heatwave, it is abnormal for this time of year.  The November 2017 forecast did have a 50/50 on heat vs cold so it did hint that 2 out of 4 of my models were leaning warm.

But hey … this ends through the weekend as we head on into the end of the month with colder air approaching.  Six out of 20 of my models at this point shows some type of light rain event by the end of the month, similar to what we have been seeing .. with one out of 20 showing 1″ or more in Los Angeles, or a 5% chance. All 20 show cooler weather so it’ll arrive.

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