Tail-End Charlie System To Bring Some Rain Through Monday; Gusty Winds In The Deserts


A tail-end Charlie front will bring some rainfall to the metro areas south and west of the mountains while the deserts and upper mountain areas become gusty.  A small look at the first week of December system with some changes in the forecast.  Learn more by reading on …

PRO member section precipitation models have been updated for today into Monday with the tail-end Charlie front.  No doubt areas in SLO/KERN County will see the most rainfall from the system with less elsewhere.  There’s even a risk of thunderstorms outside of our forecast region, north of Kern County along I-5 in the San Joaquin Valley early on Monday morning.

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Snow levels are too high with this system for snowfall, the exception maybe in the highest elevation locations of the Northern Tehachapi Mountains surrounding Woodward and Sunday Peak.

Gusty mountain and desert winds will begin today, peaking on Monday morning with the main passage of the front with 30-50 mph gusts out of the west and 60-80 mph gusts for the isolated regions of the eastern slopes of the Kern, San Bernardino, Riverside, and San Diego Mountains … usually where no one lives.

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Weak offshore flow with cool-winds out of the northeast (Santa Ana type) will happen on Monday for the Santa Ana Prone locations behind the front.

As for the first week of December.  I’m still monitoring a system dropping into the area.  This season, and the expect late start, still suggests we won’t have a slam dunk system till later on so I’m not thinking this will be it.  This looks to be an inside dynamic slider where areas surrounding LA/OC/IE/San Diego would get more rainfall than areas west of LA … a complete 180 from what a tail-end Charlie is.

Still, this is very far away and being how this season is going thus far vs what my forecast is for the season .. I think the inside slider scenario would fit the bill more than a full on Major Pacific Storm.

Stay tuned for more details as we near it …

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