First Look: Very Cold Dynamic Inside Slider Storm To Move Through During First Week Of December


As stated in the previous articles, I have been watching a system in the Pacific that looks to hit over or just to our east, but it will deliver much cooler weather to the entire region with a shot of precipitation for some of you, including the chance of low elevation snowfall.  Read on for details …

The system is going to be tough to forecast this far out but I’m going to go with December 4th through the 5th, with residual effects through the end of the week so let’s call it December 4th through the 8th.

The system is currently between the Gulf of Alaska and Japan at the moment and will ride the jet stream toward the Gulf of Alaska and then into the Western Canada and Pacific Northwest zones toward the weekend.  Now the type of pattern is a dynamic inside slider in-which it will carry storm dynamics with it, but where it cutoffs off from the actual jet stream is going to be the key on what it will do here.

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Scenarios include scenario one with it cutting off southwest of here and delivering a lot of cold air, low elevation snowfall, thunderstorms, and gusty winds.

Scenario Two would have it move directly overhead and cutoff overhead, delivering shower/thunderstorm activity to areas main south and east of Los Angeles with low elevation snowfall.  It then would move east of us by mid-week and deliver strong, possibly damaging Santa Ana Winds to the prone zones with it’s northeast to southwest back-side flow.

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Scenario Three would have the system miss completely to the northeast, delivering only damaging winds out of the northwest through Los Angeles, which would be a significant damaging wind event for anywhere between Gorman and The Los Angeles Basin, including delaying flights at LAX.

A scenario where it misses completely to the southwest is not being thought of right now.

I’m leaning between scenario Two and Three at the moment. Regardless of how it hits, the system should bring the coldest day and night-time temperatures thus far this season across the whole region.

More information will be known toward the end of the week as this is around six days away.  Stay tuned…

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