December 3, 2017 at 1:55 pm

December 2017 Forecast Pattern Outline Across Southern California Released


After a boring November, December looks even worse for the time of the year it is.  What type of pattern outline am I forecasting and when will it change to benefit us with rainfall, read on for details …

The November 2017 Forecast went as expected for the most part, even the end month trough.  However the magnitude of the end month trough was weaker than the forecast showed so what this means is I’ll focus more on larger scale temperature swings and ridges than actual major troughs this year since this season so far is proving in the beginning and now to be drier than normal.

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But… before you despair, this season I said would be a middle to end season stormy trend because of the current jet stream.  Right now we are locked in a drier and warmer pattern, which just is not a good thing if you like snow on Christmas … or Cold Christmas Eve Nights.  This locking pattern will release the hold it has as the Spring pattern wobbles the jet stream again and it’ll ultimately change the pattern in a reverse of what it is now.

Now for December 2017 it’ll be simple and plain… Warmer and Drier than average, much of the same we’ve had now with multiple Santa Ana Wind Events.  One such will happen the week of December 4th as I stated days ago … and will last a few days, the strongest winds on Tuesday. .. and yes there will be damage in the prone areas.

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Ridging will continue through the middle part of the month and after December 17th will be the best shot for any rainfall to hit the area as the ridge buckles so that’s something I’ll be closely monitoring.  Even though we could receive an inch of rain or so in the metros this month… even IF we did… it still is below average and this is what I’ll remain with for December 2017.

The season is acting like 05-06 as I previously have mentioned.  That season we started seeing the resort snowfall in January … so if the season does continue to follow that and I’m right … this middle to end season would be worth the wait, especially around March.

So we’re basically on a roller coaster going up the hill toward the peak and after December will be released to have our thrills, or storm pattern happen.

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