Hurricane Force Santa Ana Winds To Impact Below Passes and Canyons Later Monday into Tuesday


While the winds begin by Monday morning, an even stronger dynamic hits Monday evening and night into Tuesday morning that will deliver a damaging wind event below passes and canyons along with freezing desert temperatures.  Find out where and more by reading on …

Upper support is limited Monday through Tuesday to around 12,000 FT so what we’re looking at is a moderate Santa Ana Wind Event on Monday followed by a bit more upper support Monday night into Tuesday with a stronger Santa Ana event.

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As predicted in previous articles here at Southern California Weather Force, a strong Santa Ana Wind event was likely and this is all due to the fact that a cold Alaskan air-mass is moving over the Great Basin with a storm, or dynamic inside slider moving off to the east of our forecast region.

On Monday the winds in the nominal prone zones will be 30-50 mph in gusts … and on Monday night into Tuesday we’ll see those top 70+ mph and hurricane force would be achieved.

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These however will not be as strong as December 1st of last year where 100 mph wind gusts nailed Ontario Airport, breaking windows.  The gusts should remain 20-30 mph less than those speeds for that area.  The winds and dry air will bring a fire danger as well.

Because this is cold air advection, freezing temperatures are likely in the desert locations with mountains reaching teens and maybe even single digits in some upper elevations through most of the week.  Tonight, 33F for Hesperia with colder temperatures on Tuesday morning of 25 to around 28F so it could reach a hard freeze in those areas.  I will put maps out in the micro-climate groups on Monday for the overnight lows of Monday night into Tuesday morning before sunrise.

So there you have it, the forecast through mid-week in a nutshell…

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