Santa Ana Wind Event Subsiding After Today; But Are Changes Coming After 10 Days?


The Santa Ana Winds are subsiding after today, but are changes coming to Southern California after around 10 days?  When will it rain again? Read on for details …

Strong Santa Ana Winds once again hit the prone zones of the southland last night and lasting through today.  These winds will subside overnight in many locations, with some pass and canyon winds (immediate) hanging around the 30-40 mph gust point through the weekend with left-over drainage.. .but no real dynamic to push them into the main valley areas.

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The winds were so fierce last night that Ontario International Airport had planes diverted to either Las Vegas or Phoenix.  I watched on a flight tracker map how planes would attempt to land there and then the shear was too great … forcing them to abort the landing and try again.  Some, after several attempts, diverted to another airport.  The airline pattern was very crowded last night over the Inland Empire because of this reason… all while the LAX landing pattern above it at 12,000 FT was running smooth as can be with no delays at the airport.

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Today much of the same thing with many planes having to abort landing and try again or divert … which will last through the evening at least …

San Diego County is getting the wind gusts, as predicted, all the way to San Diego’s Lindbergh Field International Airport.  Wind gusts will subside there overnight, with left-over gusts through Friday into Saturday for the mountain/foothill zones… but nothing like today.

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Low temperatures overnight tonight will be cold in wind sheltered areas … however the building ridge and loss of arctic air will bring only 30s into the High Desert.. and as such the Southern California Weather Force freeze warning has been expired in all zones, including Paso Robles, in Inner San Luis Obispo County.

So what about the rest of the month?  My December 2017 forecast called for drier conditions and so far this look to be correct with nothing in the next week in the way of rain.  So what now?  In my forecast it started we have to wait till after the 17th for a shot of anything when the ridge buckles.

There are indications of such a buckling ridge and some of my long range numbers are starting to look at a system coming in after the 17th and before Christmas.  This is the next system I will be monitoring as it gets closer … but for now it’ll be quiet in our region.

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