Reminder: Super Blue Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse Tomorrow Morning Before Sunrise; Final February 2018 Forecast


A total lunar eclipse will be visible across Southern California just before sunrise tomorrow (Wednesday) morning.  The final February 2018 forecast has been released … so read on for all those details.

The weather across Southern California looks real good, with the exception of coastal low clouds in spots.. otherwise the north flow in the mid-levels will prevent the deeper marine layer clouds from coming in.  Given what I see, visibility looks good as we thin out the clouds over us today by sunset.  Eclipse peak time is 5:30am Pacific tomorrow (Wednesday) morning.  Many are thinking that because the eclipse is on January 31st that it would be the evening of the 31st… but you will miss it if you think that.  You can go out at 5:00am even and see it in totality … but the peak is 5:30am.  I will be out there.

This lunar eclipse will look brighter than the ones we have seen due to the lack of large volcanic eruptions.  Scientists today use the Moon’s total eclipse brightest to see how much volcanic gases are in the atmosphere.  The darker the red the more there is.  Since we have lacked major volcanic eruptions since Pinatubo in 1991, this eclipse will be a bright reddish-orange color above our western horizon.

The January 2018 forecast went as forecast with the 1-3″ rainfall mark in Los Angeles being reached along with it being slightly below normal with above normal temperatures.  Now what about February?  Well… there’s good news and bad news …

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The bad news is that we will be having a lull like we have been seeing for the first couple weeks of the month with higher than normal temperatures and dry conditions.  The good news is that after mid-month my numbers continue to show trough values, which means this is when we start to see the chance of storm systems returning to the region.  Still, because of the first couple of weeks of above normal to seasonal temperatures, will remain to go with above average in temperatures with 1-3″ of rainfall again for Los Angeles.. making it below average in precipitation.  The entire month won’t be dry so that is something we can be thankful for.

We’re still in mid-season and have all the way through May to get those precipitation numbers up.  As I stated back in November… the most storms look likely in mid to end season… so we still have awhile to go.


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