February 8, 2018 at 12:34 pm

Cutoff Pattern Storm System Eyes Martin Storm Diamond This Next Week


A cutoff pattern is developing for this next week, which coincides with the previous forecast … and the forecast last month for mid-month to have a system move through.  It will be monitored, but read on for some details.

While I am ready to bite on precipitation .. .the tracking will remain in question at the moment.  Quite literally the track yesterday was over Southern California and a bit east, however today it is further west.  The further west track is a bit surprising in the fact that a further west track brings it along the track I stated a few days ago and into what is called the Martin Storm Diamond.

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The Martin Storm Diamond is an imaginary diamond-shaped zone to the southwest of Los Angeles.  This zone, if the storms are centered in upper low fashion, is the zone at which upper divergence (lifting) in the northeast sector brings increased chances of heavier precipitation and the risk of thunderstorms.  Such a system would be a named system as it would have a cold core associated with it.

But… as I stated .. given yesterday showed the center over and slight east of the area .. I will remain on monitoring right now and won’t bite on a Martin Storm Diamond System unless it still shows up like this on Sunday.  The system is for between Tuesday the 13th and into Valentine’s Day of this next week.  IF the system does hit through the storm diamond and further south … it could conceivably start gathering tropical moisture and as such .. surge back northeast and slam the area hard … SCWF premium (pro) members will receive daily updates on the track of the system in the member section while the next scheduled public article is not due in again until the weekend.


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This is now members only for micro-climate articles and subscriptions can be looked into on the following link – https://www.southerncaliforniaweatherforce.com/system-sign-up/
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