Convective System Targets Los Angeles South and Eastward on Wednesday, Low Snow Levels, Chance Of Thunder


It was a cold one this morning and tonight will not be an exception as we remain with nearly the same temperatures, some areas a few degrees warmer by Wednesday Morning.

SpaceX is scheduled to launch at 6:17am Wednesday morning before sunrise as well and this could create yet another twilight effect seen for hundreds of miles around like back in December. That is… if it launches at all. It has been delayed a number of times but remains go as of this post. Weather here at SCWF indicates that a number of mid-level clouds will be moving across the Santa Barbara, Ventura, Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, and the Inland Empire area on Wednesday morning, which could limit some visibility for some. Given the upper atmosphere will be colder than in December, the exhaust from the launch would be denser and more impressive rainbow colors would be visible.

As Wednesday moves along, a weak front will move across the LA/OC/SD/IE areas and eventually the neighboring mountains. This first impulse is not the impulse on Thursday into Friday. We are in a longwave cold trough pattern. The Wednesday impulse could bring credible snow-levels to 3,000 FT so if you are in the Banning/Yucaipa zones you could easily see snowflakes falling. Cajon Pass looks to have snow as well with this impulse so take note.

There are some indications of this first shortwave having convective probabilities, which could increase the risk of thunderstorms in the LA/OC/IE/SD areas.  Wind gusts will not be a problem on Wednesday but on Thursday is when the warnings will be needed. Micro-climate alerts in the member sections will reflect this today with more information… but what we saw with the last system will likely be with this one… but stronger.

Areas this system on Wednesday does not favor is the Santa Barbara, Ventura, San Luis Obispo, and most Kern County zones. You will have to wait till Thursday’s system to see anything in most of Kern … and of course in Ventura the flow is best toward the end of the month when the large systems are in my numbers.
Thursday’s system will be addressed a bit later.

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