Earthquake Watch Window Hits With 4.5 On San Andreas In Banning Pass


A 4.5 magnitude on the San Andreas is still having me worried on fault destabilization.  Keep in mind the Earthquake Watch will continue but it has been fulfilled with that magnitude, second to the 5.3 offshore last month.  Southern California Weather Force models are the only ones that can predict near-term Earthquakes …


The following is the reading from the last article; link –

“An Earthquake Watch issued last week yield similar results with three back to back smaller quakes in the Southern California region and just this morning it happened again just as yesterday the exclusive fault-zone stress model went back into the caution value so this is when we continue to monitor for more shakers so read on for details.

Shake and bake?  Not this time!  I’ve firmly began moving off any theory one would have that shake and bake exists here in Southern California.  I’ve seen earthquakes hit other regions in the world where it was raining, snowing, thundering, hot, very cold, and everything in-between.  Shake and bake only exists because most of the time here in Southern California it is warm and dry.  This is the reason many believe shake and bake is a real thing when it is not.  Today proved it with the showers in the area this morning and yet it quakes.

Other such things I am looking at is Jupiter.  Just as the Moon affects our tides, it very well could affect the inside of the planet with its gravitational pull.  However, the largest planet in our solar system; Jupiter, may very well affect us as well.  Jupiter is at opposition in the next week.  Opposition means it is at the closest to Earth on orbit and the gravitational pull is at the strongest.  I have indeed documented stronger quake activity near the Jupiter oppositions in the past.

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But as for the nearby effects.  By looking at the SCWF California Fault-stress Model we can clearly see it is on the rise again.  Just how far it will go is to be determined and when it enters the yellow/orange is when the area would start up in seismic activity and the red is when we really watch for it.

The Earthquake Watch remains in effect and it is possible I may extend it toward the Jupiter opposition after May 7th if it coincides with the stress model.  We are still unstable with many of these smaller 3-4 mag quakes happening across the state.”

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