May 2018 Remains Cooler Than Average; Project DESTINI Earthquake Project Released


May 2018 continues to be below average in temperatures and not much change is going to be seen in the medium range as we continue to see onshore flow.  The SCWF Member Section is open to the public for the Summer (calm period) and the experimental worldwide fault-stress prediction project DESTINI has been released after years of development so read on for details.

As stated in the previous article, May 2018 is shaping up to be colder than average.  It is interesting to see these temperatures here in Southern California at this time of year when we should be seeing our first 100s by now.  We just haven’t seen those yet and I don’t see much in the way of 100s in the medium term (10 day period) for our metro valley areas so continue to enjoy the rare pattern with onshore flow continuing.

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Project DESTINI runs along side the Southern California Fault-Stress Model found in the member section.  The member section is 100% free this Summer and the EQ products will be free forever.  SCWF focuses on weather products so those after the Summer will go back to members only.  SCWF Earthquake products will be free to view forever as long as the products remain on the site.

DESTINI, or Deep Earth Seismic Trigger INItiative; (Gotta give this project life from a fictional movie you know) is going to show the worldwide stress on surface fault-zones across the world based off the geomagnetic field levels and creating mantle convective cells deep within the Earth, striking the crust.  As stated many times before it is my belief that disturbances within the geomagnetic field create unstable up and downdraft conditions in the Earth’s mantle due to inner core magnetic influence.  This would create convective cells.  Convective Cells in the mantle would act similar to El Nino in our atmosphere.  A large area of rising motion would give way to sinking motion hundreds of miles away.  No doubt the Hawaiian Volcano activity is from a strong updraft within the mantle and the rising activity across California is a result of that as well.

California is almost considered out of the earthquake drought.  Given what I am seeing, statistically we are way above average with 3.5 or greater quakes across the state and each month we are seeing an increase in 4s.  The earthquake drought is coming to an end.

Both the CA Earthquake Model and Project DESTINI are self-explanatory and easy to read so as long as you can read a map or graph.


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