Earthquake Watch Issued: California Fault Stress Model Goes Back Into Higher Levels


If you are watching the SCWF California Fault Stress Model and have followed it since released then you will notice it is back on the increase again.  Read more details of this new Earthquake Watch.

Several 3s in a row or a 4.0+ or greater magnitude quake is expected within the next week across the state of California.  Areas of unrest is still along the San Jacinto Fault-zone, which now has micro-quakes spanning the entire length of the fault-zone.

Other areas popping off include Crescent City and down into the San Francisco Bay area.  We are about to enter a geomagnetic storm and as that hits tomorrow or Friday, expecting an increase in worldwide earthquake activity, including our state of California.

For some reason we are remaining in elevated unrest.  It is likely due to the mantle activity in the Pacific Plate, which is also responsible for the Hawaiian Volcano fissure eruptions.  We have not seen this many 3s and 4s in California in a short period of time since the 1990s.

This will show that earthquake weather means nothing as this month thus far is below average in temperatures and should remain that way for most of the rest of the month with no heatwaves in the foreseeable future under continued onshore flow.

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