First Month Of Summer: June 2018 Weather Forecast Released


Today marks the day of Hurricane Season also marks the first day of meteorological Summer.  I go by meteorological season starts in weather patterns rather than astronomical.  What will June hold?  Read on for details.

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June 2018 across Southern California will be average in the metros and average to very slightly above average in the deserts, especially the Colorado River Valley.  For the most part the forecast I put out previous for the ‘cooling’ is working for the metro areas.  We should be over 100F many times during June in the inland metro cities .. however this year it looks much different.

We are hanging onto average temperatures next week with 90s inland and comfortable beach temperatures.  We will maintain the June Gloom factor for most of the month as we remain stuck with troughs dropping offshore California, with the exception of near the second week where some ridging and southeast flow mixes in for inland 100s.

June 15th is the official start date of the Southwestern United States Monsoon and while some years can start early or on-time, I will remain with the forecast of a later start.  We will see some ridging over Arizona and New Mexico right on the start date and storms are expected there, especially in NM and on the AZ/NM border.  We however in Southern California remain with the drier flow and little moisture in the mid/upper levels will be available to us.

I’ve always said it before and I’ll say it again .. our first monsoon intrusion is marked by a major heatwave .. and this is something I am not seeing in the medium or long term just yet.

We will be below average in precipitation (monsoon zones) for the month of June here in SoCal as a result.

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Things to note are as followed;

  1. A colder than normal Summer does not mean we won’t have times of a heatwave or two.  It means overall it’ll be colder than normal.
  2. Tornado activity will remain this Summer in the desert and Central/Eastern Inland Empire areas.  Thunderstorms elsewhere likely …
  3. Monsoon Season starts June 15th, however this year will be a mid-start, likely toward or in July.
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