LAST WARNING: Imminent Heatwave Starts Friday Along With Monsoon Moisture Over The Weekend


The is your last warning to something I’ve been warning on for a long while now.  With temperatures inland expected to be 107-115, this will be the first major heatwave of the season and we are already halfway through Summer so it is a late start for sure.  Official SCWF High Heat Warnings are in place.  Monsoonal moisture for the chance of shower/thunderstorm activity will accompany this event so read on for those details …

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A major ridge of high pressure will center over the area on Friday, sending temperatures upwards in the inland areas with warm temperatures still remaining along the coast.  The beaches are definitely going to be crowded.

If you have plans to go to Disneyland, Knotts, Magic Mountain, or Universal Studios.. change them.  This type of heat in the basins is deadly.  In addition to the heat, we will have unbearable humidity.  So.. you have your warning from me.. in fact you’ve had it for well over two weeks or more now if you remain following me at Southern California Weather Force.

What I am seeing is instability and moisture pushing into east of the Inland Empire in our low deserts on Friday.  Thunderstorm complexes from Arizona will push outflow boundaries west toward our region and an increase in monsoon moisture for shower/thunderstorm activity will go as far as Los Angeles County by Saturday.  A new article outlining more details of this outflow push into the metros will be given on Friday evening as I see how Arizona’s storms are firing.

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Thunderstorm Model:  I will be using this event to further develop my thunderstorm forecast model for the monsoon season.  It has had success in Arizona and New Mexico within the last week so confidence is high that the right micro-climate alerts will be issued.

Heading to Vegas?  Same exact scenario there as here.

Heading to Catalina Island this weekend?  Choppy waters on Thursday and Friday with a chance of shower/thunderstorm activity over the weekend.  Overnight lows will also be warm so keep that in mind.  Hiking must be met with extreme caution there as heat index values will be equal to Hawaii.

Hurricane Fabio is now south of the area.  The track takes him far south of here, however on Thursday the surf will be elevated for south facing beaches, including ‘The Wedge’ in Orange County.  So remain alert for rip currents and high surf and stay safe.

We continue to have the monsoon ridge in place for the foreseeable near/medium term this month for shots of monsoonal moisture for shower/thunderstorm activity in the area so this event is just the start.

Things to keep in mind with this event.

  1. This is monsoonal moisture, moisture from Mexico/Arizona and it will vary who gets what.  You could get a downpour while the next city sees nothing.
  2. Friday should be the hottest day and drier but the heat index over the weekend will resemble Southern Texas.
  3. The overnight lows will be in the upper 70s to even 80 over the weekend.  This means that sleep will be tough without AC.
  4. Rolling black-outs will happen with this event.  The power consumption will be too great, especially overnight.  Prepare for power to go out.
  5. This is not just a forecast.  I am 100% sold on the above happening and have been for weeks.
  6. Official Heat Warnings are out at Southern California Weather Force.
  7. I am taking on official duties and forecasts for this event so keep tuned to Southern California Weather Force on Facebook for updates.
  8. Drink plenty of water and eat saltine crackers to replenish the salt lost in the body.
  9. Don’t leave pets and kids in the cars.  Window patrollers will be everywhere.
  10. Check the elderly neighbors or the sensitive to heat during peak hours.
  11. STAY SAFE.  I wouldn’t be hiking.

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