Deadly Heatwave: Heat Added With Humidity To Persist Over The Weekend For Southern California


The high today was 119F at the Chino Airport, matching the temperature in Indio.  The peak dry heat temperatures is today, however as monsoon moisture enters the area over the weekend today may feel better than adding humidity in the mix.  What are we looking at over the weekend and this next week.. read on for details …

If you were working outside today then I truly admire you.  It was so hot that planes were diverted from Ontario International Airport due to the runway conditions.  Planes cannot land on a softer runway, which these temperatures today made possible.

Note that home weather stations and car temperature readings are not taken as official air temperatures due to placement errors.  It was not 125 in the Inland Empire today as I saw on someone’s post.

You’ve been noticing the mid-level clouds moving in from the east.  These clouds are out ahead of the surge in monsoon moisture that I expect to gradually make way into our region overnight tonight and into Saturday.  This east flow should work with some instability to provide shower/thunderstorm activity into some Inland Empire, High Desert and neighboring mountain locations.  That type of forecast will need an update over the morning tomorrow (Saturday) as I crunch some more numbers.  Remember though it’ll be hit and miss fashion so while one city gets a storm the next over may not.  You of course will see the building clouds on Saturday.

We will start of the monsoonal flow small and then gradually get deeper into it starting Monday.  Temperatures will remain near 100F this next week in the Inland Empire … and with humidity .. this won’t feel too good.  So.. of course you’ll want to hope for a storm to form over you or move in out of the east.

I am continuing to see an above average July with no real relief in terms of temperatures, a complete opposite of what June held.  We will continue to have the ridge placed in position for multiple shots of monsoon moisture.

If in Arizona, expecting below average temperatures this month with an above average monsoon.. part of the reason for the lower than average temperatures in my forecast grid there.  Your major monsoon starts this weekend and continues to surge next week.

So that is it… This is the time where I leave you to those smaller details and work each morning to produce the storm forecasts for that day so be on the look-out for those updates from me wherever you usually get them from.

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Things to keep in mind with this event.

  1. This is monsoonal moisture, moisture from Mexico/Arizona and it will vary who gets what.  You could get a downpour while the next city sees nothing.
  2. Friday should be the hottest day and drier but the heat index over the weekend will resemble Southern Texas.
  3. The overnight lows will be in the upper 70s to even 80 over the weekend.  This means that sleep will be tough without AC.
  4. Rolling black-outs will happen with this event.  The power consumption will be too great, especially overnight.  Prepare for power to go out.
  5. This is not just a forecast.  I am 100% sold on the above happening and have been for weeks.
  6. Official Heat Warnings are out at Southern California Weather Force.
  7. I am taking on official duties and forecasts for this event so keep tuned to Southern California Weather Force on Facebook for updates.
  8. Drink plenty of water and eat saltine crackers to replenish the salt lost in the body.
  9. Don’t leave pets and kids in the cars.  Window patrollers will be everywhere.
  10. Check the elderly neighbors or the sensitive to heat during peak hours.
  11. STAY SAFE.  I wouldn’t be hiking.

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