Cold Fronts To Ripple Through Southland Today With An Arctic Air Mass Arriving Sunday Morning; Low Elevation Snowfall Even In Las Vegas


We continue the pattern as we shift from the Pineapple Express back to the Canadian storm track where storms come out of British Columbia and head due south along the West Coast of the United States into Southern California.  We have a weak system today and then the colder one hits on Sunday so read on for details.

I updated the rain and wind models for today on the main page (click here).  This is a typical system where it will have a ripple of fronts similar to last week, each front delivering a round of light to moderate precipitation.  I’d say we could get a good 1/4 inch in the OC/IE/San Diego zones that were hit hard yesterday, maybe between that and 1/2″ in some spots in the Beaumont and Yucaipa zones.

I did issue two snow alerts.  The Blowing Snow Advisory is for the Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and Riverside County Mountains.  It reads; A weak front will move into the region today and not last long at all, at most around 6-9 hours for many of the advisory locations.  Snow levels will generally stick around 5,000 – 5,500 FT for the most part so with it not expecting much at the snow level .. however areas along the RIM of the San Bernardino Mountains will see appreciable amounts with 1-3″ for an average for Wrightwood and the Western RIM (Twin Peaks) and up through 6″ for Highway 18 between Running Springs and Big Bear Lake.  Lower amounts are expected for Eastern Big Bear Lake and City zones surrounding Baldwin Lake.  A good 2-4″ can be said for Idyllwild as well.  With the snow will come 40-50 mph wind gusts, upping this to the blowing snow advisory … Activity will cease overnight and return again on Sunday… this time with lower snow levels so await that wording.

Also issued the Winter Weather Advisory.  It reads; A weak front with a strong westerly flow will move into the region today.  The snow level is starting out around 6,000 FT and dropping through 5,000 FT by early evening.  It will not hit the Gorman and Tehachapi levels till later tonight and even then it would only be an inch or 2 of snowfall in the area.  It would not be enough for a Blowing Snow Advisory regardless of the winds being 40-50 mph in gusts.  Expecting 2-4″ in the PMC zones with the same in the BVS areas.  Gorman will only see a dusting with this round.  It is not enough to close the pass.

This will all move out by Saturday, with the exception of on and off showers for the Kern/SLO areas, especially Bakersfield on Saturday evening.

By Sunday the colder system moves in.  The 540 thickness line moves into Northern Baja.  This means that the snow-level will indeed by low by Sunday morning, lower than 3,000 FT.  During the day on Sunday, the High Desert should get some snowfall.  If you are planning to travel to or from Las Vegas you will be met with snowfall.  There is a good chance that later in the period, Las Vegas proper would see snowfall, overnight on Sunday.  I will likely need Winter Weather Advisories in the High Desert.

Coincidently it was at the end of my long range forecast for this period in this link 10 days ago – bottom wording –

Confidence is high that again around the 21st and then the 25th we will receive two more systems, also on the colder side.

As always, stay tuned to Southern California Weather Force for further details.

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