July 24, 2019 at 11:00 am

Strong Easterly Wave Detected For Tonight into Thursday


Well.. As the video yesterday stated, there would be an easterly wave developing in Arizona and moving through our region tonight into tomorrow. That is the focus right now. The colors on the image means developing stage (yellow), gaining strength (orange), and impact regions (red)… As you can see… overnight tonight, I do project this easterly wave to start developing around San Diego to the Inland Empire, and in the San Bernardino County Desert areas east of the Victor Valley. As it moves west, it will gain power from an upper level jet and develop even further.

I do forecast that this will be stronger in areas that it should not be compared to others, meaning Los Angeles/OC will be impacted by this for shower/thunderstorm activity and even FURTHER west to Ventura, Kern, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo County. This is the last impulse for this event …

So that is it… this is your forecast that will last through Thursday… and guess what?

I’m the only one that has this.. again … why? How is it that one person in one office can beat millions of dollars worth of taxes from the weather service offices (5 of them for SoCal) and many other news stations … I’ll never know why they don’t understand this but it is easy as heck … Have a good day …

Yesterday’s Video Link Archived – https://www.facebook.com/scweatherforce/videos/2371571499769819

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