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2019-2020 Southern California Storm Season Forecast


During the 2018-2019 storm season Los Angeles had almost 20 inches of rainfall with an above average rainfall and temperature season. This season’s pattern is much different and holds one of the most dangerous arctic air, flood, and wind risks to come. This is the 2019-2020 Southern California storm season forecast.

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Southern California is known as a warm temperate climate and arid desert. From coasts, valleys, mountains, and deserts, it is mostly a climate where dry seasons rule, and a reason millions of people enjoy living there with most of it known as a CSA climate, or Temperate, with Dry and Hot Summers, with a winter time rainy season that could go either way.

For the 2019-2020 storm season the area have a highly amplified system with a ridge mainly in the northeast pacific. This will bring dry weather for the early part of the season and wet weather for the mid to later parts into early spring. This ridge of high pressure being as amplified as it is at times will shove westward into the northern pacific and this will allow the east periphery to bring a north to south flow down from Alaska and Canada into Southern California. With the snowpack already covering Russia this season at an early stage, the cold air build up in Siberia will plunge across the arctic and into the United States. Most of the season it’ll hit the Midwest, but as that ridge moves westward … the door opens for arctic air to dive into the Southland making this year a colder year than last year and calculations are that arctic air of 1990 and 2008 that damaged crops in the Central Valley of California will be most likely.

As the storms move in from the north, upper level jet stream accompanying it will make for damaging northwest wind events. Similar wind events of December 2011 for the Los Angeles and Santa Clarita Valley areas are likely this year with that pattern. The year will feature more colder santa ana wind events during the winter than last season and yes it will feel like Christmas during the month of December and if you are a farmer I would take precautions for the freeze to come.

As for the precipitation. The early dry start with an amplified pattern forecast suggests that Southern California will see the jet stream dip into the region over the winter as stated previous. As it is over the area, the state of Arizona will be in the zone for better precipitation during those times while Southern California gets the dry winds. If these dynamic Alaskan storms nudge west, we will be in the zone for thunderstorms within the cold core. During the mid and later part of the season we will see the tropical jet merge with the arctic jet and the southwest will have a mixed bag of events from low elevation snowfall to tropical rains. It will look like the atmosphere does not know which way it wants to go. These types of seasons are dangerous due to the fact that a late start season dumps a lot of rain in a short period of time and as seen with the Montecito flooding a couple years back, the flood risk this season is very high.

So in conclusion to the 2019-2020 storm season, Southern California will have a very dangerous arctic air concern for crops in the winter, damaging northwest I-5 corridor winds, damaging cold santa ana winds, and a high risk flood concern with storms capable of flooding in a short period of time. The forecast out of Southern California Weather Force is calling for as low as 9 inches of rainfall and as high as 13 inches, or near average to just below – with an average temperature season with warm periods and times of arctic air blasts and an above normal Sierra Nevada snowpack.

The Southern California Weather Force Pacific Storm Names are ready for service and the category system has not been updated as it has worked for previous systems. Continue to stay with Southern California Weather Force because remember … If you do not wish to die in the weather, follow the forecasts given. It’ll save your life one day…

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As always, stay tuned to official forecasts from Southern California Weather Force for updates …

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