Santa Ana Wind Watch Re-Issued With Fire Weather Warning Product Later Sunday into Monday


A brief break is expected later today and Saturday with onshore flow returning to the region on into Sunday.  This onshore flow will boost humidity levels and end the fire weather threat.  However, a large trough of low pressure will hit the Rockies on Sunday and this will generate an offshore Santa Ana Wind conditions once again starting Sunday evening and going until Monday afternoon when winds will die down.

This brief period of gusty winds will accompany very dry air and thus the return of fire weather conditions.  The gusts are expected to be nearly the same as the last event.  The only thing that will be different is the temperature of the winds.  These winds have cold air advection so I’m expecting a noticeable different in the cold temperature vs the hot devilish winds we experienced with the last (current ending) event.

After that, Tuesday looks calmer but I am monitoring Wednesday as yet another Santa Ana Wind Pattern.  Wind gusts with this next one however will be 30-45 mph in gusts, with 60+ mph in the Los Angeles County Mountain Southern Slopes.

Areas in the Santa Ana Wind Watch shading in the image associated with this alert will be at risk for power shutdowns.

I did decide that since the humidity levels will be higher on the OC/San DIego Coast that I would not give you a fire weather risk.

In addition to the offshore flow, onshore flow will make for 30+ mph wind gusts on Sunday in all desert areas before switching offshore Sunday evening …

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