November 13, 2019 at 3:18 pm

Unusual Cutoff Low Pattern Eyes To Bring Precipitation To Southern California after November 19th With Tropical Moisture Tap


There is some strong indication that a low pressure system will cutoff south of here after November 18th.  We will see an offshore Santa Ana Wind Pattern before this however this weekend, which will up the fire hazard potential for a brief period of time.  If all goes according to the mean values on my pattern calculation, the fire hazard will not be prolonged, but even a day worth can be bad.

This next week, after the 19th of November, the cutoff low would position southwest of here and be very broad.  Broad upper lows like this usually pump tropical moisture into the region out of the south, including any wrap around.  This does look like it has a better chance at hitting Arizona, and Arizona Weather Force’s article released this morning (Click Here) has covered that, with updates expected as we near the event.

This is a direct bulls-eye on the official 2019-2020 Southern California Weather Force season forecast stating that Arizona’s weather pattern favors above average rainfall to your normality than it would for Los Angeles’ normality.  The video can be watched by clicking here.

Given this cutoff pattern is going to be fueled by an omega pattern in the Northeastern Pacific, we may see another system dive into the Western USA between November 22nd and the 28th.  The exact track of this is unknown at the time.

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