Off and On Rain Showers Expected Starting Today and Going Through The Entire Weekend; Christmas Period Remains On Forecast For Cold Storms


The tail-end of an atmospheric river event for Northern California will start today.  Already, echoes on radar have been noted in the bight (island region) of Southern California.  These will move into the metros before the sun even sets so rain will start today.  The rain will be off and on at various points today through Sunday night.   There is really no way to tell a concentrated frontal zone with this system as the pockets of moisture are intermittent from dry to wet so timing is just not possible.

I’ve attached below the SCWF Rainfall Forecast Area Models and it does show a good 0.50+” of rain through the entire system for many metros zones.  Remember, this is over the course of over 48 hours so in reality these numbers would not promote me to issue any flood watches.  This is a gentle event.  The snow-levels will remain high this weekend, but will drop through 6,500 FT by Sunday later evening and any back-end moisture behind the main system would bring a dusting to the SBD Mountain’s north end around Big Bear Lake.

As for the rest of the month.  As per my December 2019 forecast, I still am going with a colder than normal Christmas and New Years period with storms so I’m thinking if you have plans to be at a mountain resort this year in hopes to see snow falling then you will be good to go.

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