Winter Storm Watch


Issued Zones:  All Southern California Mountains … Cajon and Gorman Pass … Mountain Pass Between Baker and Las Vegas … Yucca Valley …

Site:  Southern California Weather Force has issued a Winter Storm Watch effective now for Sunday night into Monday …

Date:  12/27/19 at 8:30am PT

Forecast: A strong cutoff system will release from the jet stream on the eastern periphery of the Pacific High Pressure system that has been responsible for bringing arctic storms in this season. 

This highly amplified pattern will start the chance of snow on Sunday night for the Kern/VT Mountain areas and move through Monday for the rest of the Southern California Mountains. 

The preliminary and experimental snow-risk model here at SCWF shows a magenta color for the Gorman (Grapevine) Pass to the Cajon Pass as well and this means that travels will likely be affected during the time period stated above.  It also does show that snow will fall on Mountain Pass between Baker and Las Vegas. 

Hey it even has snow on I-15 across state-line so this is definitely a colder storm than the last.  The exact track of the system will depend on the final alerts issued but I think it will go along the coast and into the bight of Southern California, which is the sweet spot for higher snowfall totals. 

This is a Winter Storm Watch.  A Winter Storm Watch means that conditions are becoming increasingly favorable for heavy snow to impact the zones highlighted areas and an upgrade to warning is pending …

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Forecaster: KM

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