Santa Ana Wind Watch


Issued Zones:  High/Low Desert … Inland Empire … SCV/SFV/Malibu … LA/SBD/RIV Mountains … Cajon Pass … Low Desert …

Site:  Southern California Weather Force has issued a Santa Ana Wind Watch effective Wednesday …

Date:  1/27/20 at 11:20am PT

Forecast: A strong upper level jet from north to south wqill enter the region on Wednesday.  This will bring strong sinking off the mountain areas and into the adjacant valley zones. 

The SCWF Wind Gust Model clearly shows at the moment that the Cajon Pass and Rim areas will be in a no-go zone to drive high-profile vehicles. 

Because this doesn’t have other ingredients, I’ll only keep advisory level winds for parts of the SCV/IE areas and even wind gusts over advisory level expected in rare areas for this type of flow such as the Low Desert areas … The final update along with wind models will be out by Tuesday evening …

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Forecaster: KM

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