Arctic Storm: Storm System To Hit Sunday into Monday for Southern California; Low Elevation Snow Event


On January 31st 2020 I released the February 2020 forecast and it did mention this chance of colder storms and low elevation snowfall yet again, especially in the High Desert.  This is looking more likely Sunday into Monday as such a system is moving down into position so read on for details.

Wow, it seems as when I go a longer range forecast on exclusivity meaning it only came from here that it takes forever to get here… However here we are nearing the next cold system into Southern California.  I am expecting the rain to start as early as the morning in the green-shaded zones on the article image.  Depending on the placement of the upper level low will depend on who sees what but given the system is a cutoff moving directly overhead, LA/OC/SD/IE and the High/Low Desert and surrounding mountains near those areas will be in a better position than say Santa Barbara/San Luis Obispo/Bakersfield so I know the Extreme Western San Luis Obispo zones will miss out on the storm system.

As afternoon moves along on Monday the system wraps up more and Severe Thunderstorms will be highly likely in the Eastern Riverside/Imperial/San Bernardino Deserts. Upper divergence with this has the power for numerous lightning strikes, ending by later evening as the diurnal heating is lost.

Furthermore starting Sunday afternoon and going through Monday the High Desert and surrounding mountains will be seeing the snowfall.  This will include all mountain pass regions from Gorman, Cajon, and I-8.  The heaviest wrap-around moisture will enter the region for Big Bear overnight on Sunday into Monday.  Traveling these zones is not recommended as snow can pile up quickly.

Events like this are called ‘Wet Santa Ana Events’ given that Santa Ana Winds will be blowing at the same time the storm is around.

This is a cutoff and I will not be issuing alerts for it till Saturday evening but the forecast above does stand for now.  Winter Storm products will be needed in the mountains and advisories in the mountain passes and high desert zones, which includes the Morongo Basin.  Till then, continue to monitor the latest on Facebook or the micro-climate alert system here at Southern California Weather Force

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