First Look: Cutoff Low To Bring Precipitation To Southern California Starting Friday for Some But Centering On Saturday and be Out by Sunday; NASCAR Outlook


Well on Valentine’s Day I said the precipitation window would once again open after the 21st and so it should happen as a cutoff system dropping west of our region joins us.  Some will see rain, others none, some a bit of snow, some wind and some both so find out in your first look, including your NASCAR long range first look by reading on.

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Finally something to talk more about.  All this week I have been monitoring a storm system to hit the Southwestern USA.  First I updated Arizona Weather Force on it, but now is the time to update the first look for Southern Californians.  The system will move into place to start upper level lifting over Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo County on Friday, increasing over the entire forecast area on Friday night especially on into Saturday morning.

Once again, it will depend on where you are for what you will see.  You could hear from people in Los Angeles that they got barely a thing while in San Diego they got hit harder. There will also be thunderstorms peppered across the region with this one.  Again, it is a cutoff and they will not be focused in one spot.

This is certainly the type of track and system that gives San Diego County a good amount of rainfall and also the High Desert.  It’s possible Los Angeles will see less than say Barstow and even Las Vegas.  I will be leaving the article now and the map included in it is going to be the focus spots for this system.  I do not think we will see a washer in Los Angeles with this simply because my forecast for 9-13″ of rain this season is standing at near 7.4″ and this will bump it up closer to 8″, only 1″ away from my forecast’s lower margin.. and I do not see any larger systems in the long range this month, but March could hold surprised.  We are in a two month long ‘drought’ for the season after having a nice start.  This should switch back to a nice end so this is what I am banking on to bring the 9-13″ margin correct.

This system however looks to be drier for the Imperial Valley areas so keep that in mind… it is not like the previous.

Snow levels will be 6,000 FT with it and I am not expecting a lot at or even above it for warning level events so a good dusting or so.

As for NASCAR weekend, there is a very good chance of a storm window.  I know it has been dry and all but I am seeing heights falling in the atmosphere during that period and this means that a low pressure system will be very close by, somewhere out west of here and not east.  Given that, continue to monitor the SCWF Facebook Page for updates as I will monitor that weekend for you… but it isn’t a for sure dry weekend in my outlook.  I have held off on buying tickets myself due to this reason.  We could start off nice before the weekend but when later Saturday/Sunday hits we could be dealing with an upper level low nearby.

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