March 3, 2020 at 10:09 am

19 Dead, Many Missing In Deadly Nashville, Tennessee Tornado That Struck Overnight Early Tuesday Morning; National Weather Force Lead-Time Was 15 Hours


Many woke up this morning to hear that many lost their lives as a tornado tore through Nashville, Tennessee after midnight early Tuesday morning.  The National Weather Service’s Tornado Watch was an hour before it hit, stating isolated tornado possible.  My tornado model here at National Weather Force issued the Tornado Watch and predicted stronger tornado dynamics in the area with a 15 hour lead-time.  Lead-time that could easily save lives so read on for details.. and if you are in a tornado threat zone, it’s best to read on and follow National Weather Force because it may save your life …

In Nashville, the twister’s path was mostly north and east of the heart of downtown, leaving many of its biggest tourism draws — the honky tonks of Broadway, the Grand Ole Opry House, the storied Ryman Auditorium, and the convention center— unharmed. Instead the storm tore through areas transformed by a recent building boom. Germantown and East Nashville are two of the city’s trendiest neighborhoods, with restaurants, music venues, high-end apartment complexes and rising home prices threatening to drive out longtime residents.

I must STRESS.  The National Weather Service is not YOUR official source if you do not want them to be.  I have thousands of people on various pages that see me as THEIR official source.  The National Weather Service is only official to government, such as state and city decisions.  As long as I am alive, you have an official source to turn to during high-end weather events.  This event just further proves that point.

It is always tragic when someone dies from a weather event.  I always ask myself that if my work at National Weather Force (Facebook Page By Clicking Here) was known by many people then would it have saved those lives.  The very fact that the National Weather Service issued a Tornado Watch at midnight Tennessee time when people were already asleep and the tornadic supercell was only an hour away suggests something needs to change.  I question why a team of ‘meteorologists’ who are suppose to be the best in the world cannot issue these before people go to bed.  In fact, my tornado model did just that and predicted this event with 15 hours of lead-time on an issued Tornado Watch, which included the Nashville, Tennessee area.  I will go ahead and post the screenshot of the NOAA Tornado Watch.  NOTE the wording for EF2+ Tornadoes says ‘low” and tornadoes says moderate.   This means that they were not expecting a strong tornado in that area.

NOAA Tornado Watch

On Monday morning I ran the model.  I noticed that we were seeing more instability at night than the day for a brief moment and this would be more than enough to run the model into the night.  On one of the slides, two areas of ‘red-shaded’ zones were noted.  The red-shaded zones are for strong tornado dynamics, up to EF3.  Depending what rating this goes to will depend on whether I tweak the model parameters or not but I think EF3 is what it will end up at.  Some are saying isolated EF4 damage was located but overall I think high end EF2 to solid EF3.  I posted the tornado watch to the National Weather Force Facebook Page.  Because Facebook throttles pages, they are always either late on notifying, or posting such.  I’ve been having trouble with them and have voiced my frustration to deaf ears.

NWF Tornado Risk Model Showing Strong Dynamics


The Tornado Watch wording that I issued at 1pm Eastern Time on Monday read; – and unfortunately because it is via Facebook and I need more followers to the national site, not many would have seen it…

National Weather Force has issued a Tornado Watch
Duration: Monday afternoon into some of the night
States Affected: AR/MO/KY/TN – Share to inform, Tag family/friend below to notify

A storm system moving through the area will start of storms in Southeast Missouri on the western end of the watch area. Increasing low level shear through the evening and night hours will be available in the watch area, especially across KY and TN. Notable and sometimes Strong tornadoes will be possible in this region so take note.

National Weather Force 15-hr lead-time Tornado Watch

So I am out there.  A person does exist that when you question if a weather event was predicted when you didn’t hear about it beforehand.  I can’t get them all, but I can get the higher-end events at National Weather Force.  If you want to know the higher-end events to come, follow/like National Weather Force on Facebook TODAY by clicking here.  Read the introduction and also join your regional page, from SoCal, Arizona, to many other regional pages throughout.

I am watching the Flood Watch zone I issued yesterday for the Gulf States.  The southern end of it will have a number of tornadoes on your Wednesday.  I may need to issue tornado watches for there and if there cells do get enough convergence, we will certainly be looking at some sort of elongated zone of a tornado outbreak of some kind.  Again, National Weather Force will have all that info.

NOTE:  This article was written via the Southern California Weather Force url due to news publication credentials. 

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