March 8, 2020 at 10:04 am

Flood Watch Issued For Southern California ahead of Major Pacific Storm GAVIN, Category Five For The Metros With Heavy Rain and Thunderstorms Tuesday through Thursday; Details


Well here we go, it is official.  Southern California Weather Force has issued a Flood Watch effective Tuesday through Thursday across the forecast area.  There will be breaks at times, but overall the swath of dynamics suggests this to be a powerful system so read on for details and see what your area has …

Before I continue, all viewers need to keep tuned to the micro-climate alert part of this weather service.  Whether signed up for the app/email alert system as a full member or on Facebook.  You MUST keep in tune to that as micro-climate alerts issued for zones sometimes do NOT make it on the main Southern California Weather Force Facebook Page.

Major Pacific Storm GAVIN (C5/2020) is a category five system at the moment with the dynamics for strong frontal zone winds, numerous thunderstorms, some severe, and flood concerns.  A category five system happens yearly so we have had such a system before.  They are nothing to mess with if you are in a higher risk area.  The system is set to arrive across the metros overnight on Monday, meaning very likely near or after midnight.  The upper lifting zone ahead of it through early Tuesday morning suggests that thunderstorms will accompany the main warm-front.  This is quite rare in the fact that here in Southern California we do not get treated to warm-front thunderstorms like the Central and Eastern United States does.

Thunderstorms are expected to be numerous on the day on Tuesday into even Tuesday night.  We will have a light show in the forecast area to look forward to in spots and it will last the entire night for some of you.  The least zone for numerous thunderstorms is San Diego.  You will have the chance of isolated to scattered thunderstorms, probably mainly on Tuesday. but the zone for numerous thunderstorms, some severe even.. will be reserved for Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Los Angeles County with Orange County and the Inland Empire being in the scattered thunderstorm section.   Quite an event coming up thunder-storm wise given this system is hitting the Martin Storm Diamond. The Martin Storm Diamond is a diamond-shaped zone southwest of Southern California that when the center of a storm passes it, it produces the strongest lifting over the forecast area, giving the better risk of heavy rain and/or thunderstorms  Like a comet discovery, I did name the diamond zone after myself, and with Southern California Weather Force, it has caught on as a term the public knows.

This SCWF Flood Watch issued does extend into the Lancaster/Palmdale zones, eastward to the Hesperia zones, ending around Victorville with points north of Highway 18 there not within it.  All mountain zones have been included, except Tehachapi …

On Wednesday, the system will have some dry air entrained into it.  This dry-slot will actually limit the areas that see activity.  Don’t get me wrong, you could see something on Wednesday but it will be hit and miss and considered a ‘down-day’ –

On Thursday we move the system south of Yuma, Arizona.  This means that back-side activity and upper lift rotating in from the east would provide a thunderstorm-risk zone east of Los Angeles in areas of the the inner zones for Orange County, Inland Empire zones, San Diego County Zones, Coachella Valley, Blythe, and Imperial County.  This will be monitored.  Since it is a bit far away, it can change.  Best I can do is take the system one day at a time with the micro-climate alerts.

The system does have tornado dynamics for the Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Los Angeles County areas on Tuesday.  It will be further assessed and if an upgraded alert needs to be issued, it will be.  This Flood Watch will actually upgrade to higher alerts such as parts of it being a Tornado, Severe Thunderstorm, or Thunderstorm Watch … So keep tuned to your micro-climate alerts whether you signed up for the app/email system by Clicking Here … or you are on Facebook.


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