URGENT WARNING: Violent Tornado Dynamics Detected For Parts of Illinois and Iowa For Your Saturday; NWF Tornado Model Prediction


The National Weather Force tornado risk model is detecting a very large area of strong and violent tornado dynamics in Southeast Iowa, east through the Northern half of Illinois, even stretching down to St. Louis, MO on your Saturday and the official and rare Enhanced Tornado Watch has been issued so read on for details on the strongest dynamics since the Nashville tornado earlier this month.

Storms are expected to on-going during the morning hours across the now issued Enhanced Tornado Watch zone.  The National Weather Force tornado risk model gets rid of the need for ‘box’ tornado watches and outlined county areas in a color oriented solution.  These solutions are the Tornado Advisory, Tornado Watch, and Enhanced Tornado Watch.

The Tornado Advisory is for the green value, which means that isolated weak tornado activity is possible.

The Tornado Watch is for the yellow value, which means that notable tornadoes are possible in isolated to scattered form.

The Enhanced Tornado Watch is for strong tornado dynamics, which can include the violent category as well.  Enhanced Tornado watches means that conditions are favorable for tornadoes that will be in the EF3 or higher range and is not something to take lightly.

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NOTE:  This article was written via the Southern California Weather Force url due to news publication credentials. 

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