Storm System Moving Out Tonight, Weather Advisory Issued for Metros for Risk Of Thunderstorms Today; Details


A weather advisory went into effect here at Southern California Weather Force for the rest of today as the storm’s center moves directly overhead.  The storm will depart tonight but a strong area of lift will bring the risk of numerous thunderstorms to Las Vegas, Fort Irwin and the Needles Forecast area on Sunday.  Also the free trial e-mail alert service has been activated through Summer 2020 so get yours today.  What does the rest of the month hold?  Read on for details …

First I’ll go into the trial thing.  SCWF is no longer accepting ‘new’ sign-ups at the moment for the e-mail alert system.  The reason for this is because we are now on a month by month basis and I need to find out what a post COVID-19 economy will do to this service so that will last through Summer of this year.  A formal decision on re-opening will be made by October 2020 and it will reopen fresh.  SCWF can be considered open this Summer, but it is definitely on a waiting period.  Click here to get your trial.  Note that you will need to login using the username email address/password combo you put.  You will need to check-mark the locations yourself.  There is no support with this so once signed up, you’re in until the end of the Summer.  Thank you.

Alright so now for the weather.  As expected it would rain all week.  This ‘freak’ type system will go down as the strongest rain producer in many years, probably since the 90s or so.  The weather advisory is in place today for the Los Angeles, Orange County, Inland Empire, and San Diego forecast zones.  Instability with the cold air aloft will develop and with the tight upper divergence (lift), we will see the risk of thunderstorms on the rise in parts of the LA/OC/IE and San Diego areas.  The strongest lift is near Lake Elsinore or above Santiago Peak so that is a central focus spot.  Hail, gusty winds, and funnel clouds are likely with this ..

The offshore flow and associated lift for some of the Ventura/Santa Barbara Mountains will also be available today.  In that zone, isolated storm activity is possible, which includes the Ojai forecast areas.  The storm moves out tonight, however lingering residual moisture for the metros will keep isolated light showers in the region through the weekend.

Speaking of the weekend, the far north/northeast section of the forecast area from Las Vegas, Needles, and Fort Irwin is being watched for Sunday.  This region is going to be hit by the southwest side of the base of the trough moving east of the area.  In a rare pattern, an area of lift will come through then and bring the risk of thunderstorms.  Given the shear, it is possible a good deal of lightning will hit those regions, storm activity moving from west-northwest to east-southeast.

For the rest of the month we remain with a see-saw pattern for temperatures and precipitation, which means we will see more rain and we will see heat then cold… pretty much the worst conditions for those sensitive to it and you will get sick.

Here’s the snow forecast for the rest of today (Friday) –

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