Great Conjunction Of Jupiter and Saturn In December 2020 To Test Earthquake and Volcanic Theory


A conjunction of the two largest planets in the solar system will test the theory of whether lined up planets means a thing and a prediction made based off that would say that near December 21st, 2020 a major Earthquake or Volcano Threat looms so why not huh?  Read on for details …

The “great conjunction”of Jupiter and Saturn will occur on December 21, 2020–the northern hemisphere’s winter solstice.At that time, the two planets will be in the constellation Capricorn, low toward the southwest horizon,and separated by a mere 0.1°. This will be the closest Jupiter/Saturn conjunction since the year 1623CE! Jupiter will be at magnitude-2.0, and significantly dimmer Saturn at magnitude+0.6.

There are a number of groups out there studying whether or not a planetary line-up causes increased seismic risks to the planet.  We saw this with Jim Berkland and his SYZYGY earthquake forecasting, where the Earth goes between the Sun and the Moon and if it affects the inner planet much like it does the outer part where the tidal forces of the oceans are.

So what we are doing is seeing if something major happens when these two planets get closer together.  You can already see these planets in the south at sunrise as they near each other for their conjunction.

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