Inland Heatwave To Strike Southland Mid This Week To This Weekend; High Heat Warning Issued


Southern California Weather Force has issued a High Heat Warning.  July has been average in temperatures so far in the region thanks to the cooler periods, however the coming heatwave will push the end result to above average in temperatures, in-line with the official July 2020 forecast released here.  Just how will it be with this next heatwave, read on for details …

Another powerful ridge of high pressure similar to a couple weeks ago will move into the area.  This will bring the temperatures up after Wednesday for inland areas with temperatures ranging from 100-109F depending where you are.  The Inland Empire’s metros will especially be on the upper end of that scale.  The 1-5 scale is in the images below in the Martin Heat Index.  It does look like that yet again the Imperial Valley will try for the 120F mark along with some of the Coachella Valley as well with the 115-120F average mark showing up.   The heatwave will be from Thursday into Sunday …

The August 2020 forecast will be released toward the end of the month.

Use the models below for this weekend’s heat index

5. Heat Stroke Certain After 10 minutes of exposure. You will die outside in this as it is near low oven temperatures that will slowly cook you. You may even have a hint of burnt human skin that only Jeffrey Dahmer would like. Water is a must and so is salt to replenish the water lost in the body. Do not add pepper.

4. Dangerous. If you want to hike in this, you must have a lot of water. Most people think that they have enough water but they do not. This is the level at which kills a lot of people due to that reason. Working outside is not recommended. You do not want to be playing hot potato with your feet on the sidewalk in this level.

3. Great discomfort. Do not exert yourself on a level three. Drink plenty of water, and hiking is not recommended without proper knowledge and supplies.

2. Some discomfort. Be cautious outside when working and drink plenty of water.

1. Very little discomfort, however long periods of exposure could bring heat exhaustion.


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