Above Normal Precipitation Still Expected For Fall 2020 in Southern California With Omega Block Feature Projected


In what was a dry summer and a dry start to Fall 2020, I am still going to go with a Strong La NIna, but with a twist as I project Fall 2020 for the months of October, November OR December being above their normal precipitation, but we have a good 3-4 weeks left in the current pattern so read on for details …

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The current pattern suggests we will go into most of October with hot and dry conditions.  This is merely typical for October, however during a La Nina the dryness is worse as you progress from October into November.  This year however I am going with an abnormally strong La Nina which should bring an omega-block over the state of Montana and into Southern Alberta/Manitoba Canada.  This omega-block, pictured in the article graphic, is something I’ve been calculating for awhile now.  If you recall my last article for Fall 2020 (Click here) I said we would see an active Fall in either October, November, OR December, but leaning towards the mid/end of that.  This call was made on the calculation of an omega-block in the long range.

Omega-blocks are ridges of high pressure that form between two upper level lows.  So what this does is deflect the upper level lows (storms) southwest of them, and this deflection will be into California, including our area of Southern California.  I’m going to go with a pattern change that is that of the omega-block sometime towards the end of October and going into November.  This will be yet another one of the ‘Martin Storm Patterns’ as no models at current can even look as far as my numbers can calculate so it is a long range projection you’ll only hear from me this far out.

That is pretty much it.  Most of October will be hot and dry, but there will be a change towards the end and into November.

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