September 29, 2020 at 11:27 am

SCIENTIFIC REASON: Western United States Fire Season Started With Lightning Strikes; But It Wasn’t That Way At The Peak; Read The Scientific Reasoning Behind it


I know many of you will be pre-drinking before the presidential debates tonight and won’t have time to read what I have to say in the evening because you won’t be able to see straight and/or you break a rib laughing so I will release exactly what happened over the Summer of 2020 now and why the fires hit with vengeance and stick it to these Facebook Fact Checkers who cannot and will not beat me, an actual meteorologist in this and a tale of self-fulfilling prophecies so read on for details.

First of all, Facebook fact checkers are saying to anyone that arsonists are not responsible for the fires.  I will say with 100% guarantee that the peak season had starts from arsonists and not lightning.  You see, lightning happened in the beginning of the season.  It was all caused by lightning, faulty equipment, or stalled vehicles overheating.  Lightning was the main factor.  What I saw when Oregon was on fire was not lightning.  I went over the records and even my own forecasting and did NOT forecast lightning in that state that could cause it.  Lightning was not a factor.  Oregon also do not usually set fire as that is California’s dry/hot summer and fall deal.  Rarely do we see Oregon so weather is OFFICIALLY, by me, ruled out as a cause of those fires.

Have you ever heard of Nostradamus? Many many years ago he predicted events that, at times, actually happen today.  Same thing with the Simpsons.  Now what if I read a prediction that has not happened yet and decided to go fulfill it on my own.  Was he talking about me the entire time?  That is what is called a self-fulfilling prophecy.  The predictor did not actually predict it, but he actually gave the idea to cause it, thus someone carried it out.  This is very similar to what has happened as of late.  Lightning started the fires… and then groups started stating that the fires were caused by ANTIFA or BLM Rioters.  While the lightning did cause it at first, the ANTIFA people read this and thought, “Hey this is a good idea, let’s do it!”… and the END RESULT is a self-fulfilling prophecy to set as many fires as possible.   So you see, lightning started the panic, but a simple ‘idea’ and self-fulfilling prophecy peaked it.

In science I do not just assume, I research cause and effect.  Patterns are what I know best and the best pattern that fits what happened is what I said above.  Now how will it end?  We will have a hurricane south of California and round the Southwestern United States, west of the state in the beginning of October, actually 6-10 days after the 1st.  It will bring moisture back to Washington/Oregon/Northern California (not San Fran).  It will not be a dry thunderstorm producer so there is no worries on it.  Also it will not be a hurricane, but rather a post-tropical cyclone.

So that is it…From lightning strikes to arson, mixed with poor forest management.  Nothing more… Nothing less …

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